With a keen focus on African American and biracial students, our mission is to provide educational leaders with effective, quantitative frameworks and tools designed to change the mindsets of staff, and increase the engagement and academic success of the targeted students.

These frameworks and tools include strategies to build respectful, positive relationships with targeted students and their parents.   The approaches presented can be replicated throughout a district and cascaded to classrooms.


Our work is all about:

a. Using our collective years of successful, leadership experience to assist and support educational leaders in leading equity at their schools

b. Building relationships with these leaders in order to change mindsets about equity work

c. Assisting these leaders in building supportive relationships with their African American students

d. Guiding and supporting site level leaders toward closing the achievement GAP for their African American students

e. Customizing the services we render based on data, current best practices and the needs of the district


The goals of the company are to:

1) Increase the cultural competency levels of leaders and staff, with a keen focus on African American and biracial students  

2) Prepare educational site leaders with a skill set to lead equity on their campuses  

3) Offer site leaders a systematic approach, utilizing relevant data, towards closing their achievement gaps

4) Provide leadership coaching to support both formal and informal site leaders in addressing their equity efforts

About Us


Marcie Oliver Brown, MA
Principal and Lead Consultant

For five plus years my consulting work has centered in the San Francisco Bay Area.   I started in education as a high school teacher and worked as an administrator at both the district and site levels (principal of a CA Distinguished Middle School).  As an educator in Oakland and Mt. Diablo Unified School Districts, I devoted over 30 years of my life honing my skills and applying strategies and techniques that successfully engage all students in schools. Armed with a passion for this equity work, I am a good listener with the ability to quickly assess problems and use resources and data to determine possible solutions.  My experiences and successes have taught me the value of professional ethics, supportive relationships and confidentiality that I continue to extend to my clients.  As educators we must understand and have a sense of urgency about changing our practice of leaving students behind.  There is nothing more important than full inclusion and high academic achievement for all students in all aspects of a school, especially the classroom.  Why? Because there is a direct correlation between an individual’s level of education and his/her future quality of life.

The names and bios of my six core associates are listed below:

Alma Lynch Williams, M.Ed.   Alma offers over 20 years of experience and knowledge in the field of public education,  specializing in building the capacity  of teachers and administrators  to collect, analyze and use  data to inform their instructional practices and  to make data referenced decisions. She served as a secondary math teacher in Atlanta Public Schools and Oakland Unified School District.  In Oakland, she advanced from  high school math department chairman to such positions as district Title 1 Program Evaluator, Coordinator of Testing and Assessment  where she implement numerous large scale testing programs at the State, Federal and District levels, and subsequently Director of the Department of Research and Evaluation.

Following her retirement, Alma has worked as a consultant serving such clients as Project Pipeline, a program whose goal was to  help districts “grown their own” teachers; the College Board, and Vantage Learning.

Ava Sudduth, MS  Ava began her educational experience in Memphis, Tennessee as a fourth grade teacher. In California, she worked in Atwater, Wheatland, and Mt. Diablo Unified School Districts where her targeted population was at risk students.  She spent many successful years in education as an upper grades elementary teacher, assistant principal, and principal.  After retiring from Mt. Diablo, she supervised student teachers for Project Pipeline.  Ava is a trained mentor and educational consultant for ACSA and she subs for principals in her spare time.

Letitia Shelby, B.A.  While working as an elementary primary grade teacher in Oakland, Letitia crafted her skills through professional development in math and Language Arts. She was recognized and served on the site leadership team.  As a Literacy Coach in Pittsburg Unified, she offered support to teachers by leading professional development events and coaching individual teachers.

After being retired for eight plus years, Letitia continues her work to support teachers with curriculum and Instructional practices as a Contra Costa County BETSA coach and as a consultant.

Linda Hutcherson, M.S., M.Ed.  Linda is an educational consultant and professional development facilitator who has many years of experience with a comprehensive background as a district level curriculum coordinator, principal leadership coach, elementary and middle school principal, dean of high school counseling, English teacher,university professor and CalStateTEACH faculty member. The focus of Linda’s work has been to support and motivate administrators and teachers in expanding their knowledge and expertise of the Common Core Standards, equity, curriculum and instruction, special education, response to academic and behavioral intervention, school culture transformation and professional learning communities.

Lois Walker, MA  Lois has 37 years of experience as an educator.  She spent ten years as a high school teacher and 27 years in school administration.  Lois has been an assistant principal at both the junior and senior high school levels, and a high school principal in Oakland Unified School District. She has  worked  with  diverse  student  and  staff  populations  and  brings  experience,  knowledge  and commitment to her work as an educational consultant.

Paula R. Davis,  MA   Paula is a retired school administrator having served 23 years in Oakland Unified School District.  She has experience as an administrator working at the elementary, middle and high school levels.  Prior to working in Oakland, she taught eight years in The Chicago Public Schools.  As a retiree, she supervises student teachers and interns for The University of San Francisco, Loyola Marymount University Teach for America Program and Holy Names University.  Along with her work as a consultant, Paula scores Teacher Performance Assessments, TPAs I, II, III, and IV as well as the PACT, which is a subject specific, holistic impression of a performance teaching event.

Let us help you grow in leading equity



All services rendered to clients will be tailored to their equity needs applying research, best practices and data.

Let us help you grow in leading equity.


Professional Development Sessions on EQUITY for educational leaders and/or teachers including topics such as:

 Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

 Rethinking Discipline

 Data Analytics

 Building Relationships with African American Students

Some of the professional development offerings we provide include:

Site Level one-on-one Consulting/Coaching- Preparing an administrator to use an equity lens to fully engage all students in school

Site Level Team Consulting/Coaching- Using a systematic approach toward closing achievement gap

Situational Coaching – Applying strategies to resolve conflicts and other concerns

Facilitating Equity Focus Groups- Assist the progress of group’s intended project

Voice of Alumni Forums- Plan, orchestrate and evaluate such forums

Development of District Wide Conferences for parents with a focus on equity

Leadership Institutes – Sessions on topics designed to change mindsets about equity issues

Workshops – Sessions on:

 How to conduct effective parent-teacher conferences

 How to work smarter as a site administrator

  What does Common Core mean for the progress of  African American students

 And much more

Webinars – With a focus on equity designed to inform, offer an online forum for discussion and an opportunity to build relationships

Materials and Resources – Case studies, research reports, current best practices, etc.

All services rendered to clients will be tailored to their equity needs applying research, best practices and data.

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